Experiential Marketing

We create digital experiences that engage customers and generate excitment about brands.  Our sleek photobooths can be set up to print FLIPBOOKS, single prints, photostrips, or to create animated GIFs.

We can customize all aspects of the photobooth experience. We work with clients to ensure that the event is on brand, that it creates a dialogue with consumers, and that it shares the event message via the most effective marketing channel, word-of-mouth.


Social Media

Add a social media station to spread the word about your organization and event in real time. Social media can instantly put you in front of thousands of prospective fans. Our software allows guests to share their photos or GIFs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or via email. We can even embed your social media handle or event hashtag in social media posts for maximum exposure.



Data Capture and Analytics

We can capture emails to build your email marketing list. We also collect metrics on social media reach that can be used to analyse the efficacy of your experience and improve performance.




Here are some of the ways we can integrate your branding:

On prints and flipbooks          Overlays on digital products          Branded wraps on the photo booths          Custom printed or built backdrops          Specialized props          Custom animations integrated into GIFs or Flipbooks          On the software interface screens          Booth operator uniforms          Any other ideas?