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The booth.

FLIPBOOTH takes the idea of a traditional photo booth and flips it on its head! (That’s the last cheesy pun, I promise). When our owner, Stephanie, was planning her wedding she wanted to give her guests a unique and fun experience. Not finding exactly what she was looking for, she set out to create a rad, modern version of a photo booth in a sleek and sophisticated package and would print out...wait for it...FLIPBOOKS! It was a rousing success. All of the guests loved that the open-air booth allowed tons of people in the frame. Plus they got to take home a flipbook that they could use to show everyone how much fun they are.

Stephanie, who is also a wedding photographer, started offering this super fun service to her clients and soon decided that it would be great for any occasion, so here is FLIPBOOTH. Our handsome booth is a shameless attention-seeker and wants to be the life of your next party. Your guests will make short, funny, creative, silly, outrageous, [insert your favorite adjective here], videos. Next our friendly flipbook makers will work quickly to produce flipbooks that replay the action. Our flipbooks make perfect party favors. We can customize backdrops, book covers and props to match your theme and décor. And if you still want the old-school photo strips we can do that too. We are based in L.A. but we love to travel and are expanding to other fun loving cities soon. So, come on, let’s have a flippin’ good time (I know I promised no more puns, but I couldn’t help myself)!

How it works.


  • Record a 6 second video
  • Review your video + press "print"
  • Wait a couple of minutes for your flipbook to be printed!
  • Add a social media station to share an animated GIF of your flipbook [COMING SOON]

Classic Photobooth

  • Pose for 4 photos
  • Review your photos + press "print"
  • Wait a few seconds for your photo strips to be printed!
  • Add a social media station to share your photos online

Animated GIFs

  • Pose for a series of photos
  • Share your animated GIF online via the included social media station
  • Add a print station or green screen for advanced animations

The result.


What they're saying.

Brands love FLIPBOOTH.

In addition to weddings and private events, we love working with Brands! We believe marketing campaigns and events should be fun and exciting. Our booths have traveled across the US providing unforgettable experiences that allow brands to interact with customers face-to-face, igniting customer passion and leveraging social media. Contact us or click here for more information on

Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Product Launches

Conferences and Tradeshows

Consumer Engagement

Influencer Events

Holiday Parties

Other Events


How do I get pricing?

Contact us! Every event is unique so let's talk about your needs. Pricing typically starts at $800 for photo strips and $995 for flip books.

What do you mean when you say the booth is "open-air"?

Open-air means that there is no enclosed structure like a traditional photobooth. This is great because more people can get into a single photo, plus it allows others to watch the fun while they wait their turn!

What is the quality of the images?

FLIPBOOTH only uses a high quality DSLR camera - no webcams here! We also use professional studio strobes and lights in our booth.

How many prints are included?

You get as many prints or flipbooks as can be printed in the time you book the booth. It takes only 6 seconds for each of the photo strips to be printed and about 1 minute for flipbooks.

How many attendants are included?

One attendant will be included for the photo booth packages and two for flipbooks

Do you include props and a backdrop?

Yes, we bring a variety of fun props such as glasses, hats, mustaches, chalk-board signs, etc. If your event has a special theme, we'll even try to bring special props along that fit that theme. Packages all include a basic backdrop (white, black, silver, or gold). If you want to provide a backdrop for us we can hang it for you on our stand. For an additional fee you can choose among our fancy backdrops or we can also create a custom backdrop for you.

Where can I find my images after the event?

When you book FLIPBOOTH as a photobooth, all the images will be posted on our website and Facebook page. You and your guests will be able to download all the digital negatives from our website. Currently we do not post all the images for flipbooks (that would be thousands of images).

What else do you offer?


Want more than a photo booth at your event? How about adding full event photography coverage? FLIPBOOTH LA is offered by Stephanie Collins Photography and we have got your event covered - from every detail, portraits of speakers and guests, and candids that capture your event. Check out weddings and events documented by Stephanie Collins Photography here! Or contact us for more information.


Not hosting an event, but you still want flipbooks? No problem! We can print flipbooks of a video you capture yourself. Just send us a 5 to 10 second video and we'll pull the frames to make your custom flipbook. We'll print as many copies as you need. Flipbooks make a unique and fun party favor, save the date, graduation announcement, etc! Contact us for more info!

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A day without laughter is a day wasted.

—Charlie Chaplin

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